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How Summer Commercial Tree Care Can Help Identify and Mitigate Issues Early

Summer is a critical season for tree inspection and maintenance, especially in commercial settings where the health and appearance of landscaping can significantly impact the public’s perception of a business. Professional tree inspection services are essential for identifying and addressing various issues that can affect trees during the warmer months. The following are some common issues commercial services can address.

Combatting Tree Diseases

The hot temperatures and increased humidity of summer provide ideal conditions for tree diseases to grow and thrive. Arborists who provide commercial tree care services are skilled in identifying symptoms of common diseases such as powdery mildew, blight, and leaf rust, and they can prescribe targeted treatments. Early detection and treatment can keep these diseases from spreading and compromising the health of nearby trees, which is why regular tree inspections and maintenance are paramount.

Ensuring Safety

It is critical that all business establishments are safe for both workers and clients alike. Summer storms and high winds can turn weak branches into dangerous projectiles and make unstable trees a serious threat to property and personal safety. Professional arborists will conduct thorough inspections to assess the structural integrity of trees. They can identify risks, such as deadwood, cracks, weak branch unions, and internal decay. Once they identify the threats, they take preventative measures, including pruning, cabling, or in severe cases, tree removal, to mitigate these hazards.

Addressing Infestations

During summer, pest populations increase. These include borers, aphids and beetles. They cause trees to weaken by burrowing into the bark and feeding on leaves. Arborists can spot infestations early and employ integrated pest management strategies. These include biological controls using natural predators and targeted chemical treatments. Catching pest infestations early can preserve the health of the affected trees as well as those nearby.

Correcting Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient-deficient trees exhibit various symptoms, including discoloration of leaves, stunted growth, and early leaf drop. Arborists can address nutrient deficiencies by providing tailored nutritional support. This can include enriching the soil and using specific fertilizer treatments.

Managing Crowding and Competition

Space is at a premium in commercial landscapes, and tree crowding can be a severe problem. Crowded trees may compete for resources like light, water, and nutrients, which can stress them and lead to poor health. This will eventually impact their appearance. That could potentially turn your landscape into an eyesore for the community, which would definitely not be good for business. During a professional inspection, arborists evaluate the spacing and arrangement of trees and may recommend thinning or relocating some trees to reduce competition.

By scheduling regular tree inspections and maintenance, business owners are protecting their investment. They are taking measures to keep their establishments welcoming and safe, which can lead to increased profits. If you need summer commercial tree services in Santa Rosa, CA, call TreePro Professional Tree Care straight away.