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Stump Grinding in Santa Rosa, CA

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Removing Stumps The Efficient Way

After a tree is removed, the stump is usually left behind unless you work with a tree service professional to get rid of it. Historically, tree care professionals had to remove stumps using excavators and other invasive methods. Some companies still do this, although most opt for stump grinding, a method that will not upend your routine and destroy your yard.

At TreePro Professional Tree Care, we offer stump grinding in Santa Rosa and the surrounding communities at a reasonable rate. Our stump grinding services are efficient, sustainable, and reliant on the best equipment available. We employ the best possible way to remove a stump, so your property stays in top condition throughout the process.

Note that our customer service and quality of care have been widely praised, with an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. If you’re still not convinced, call us at (707) 285-9330 to receive a free estimate today!

What Is Stump Grinding?

In Santa Rosa, stump grinding is the process by which a tree stump is ground down to a level below the surface and turned into woodchips. This creates a substantial amount of mulch, far more than the original volume of the stump. Some of this mulch is used to fill in the hole left by the stump, and the rest may be taken away or used elsewhere on your property.

Stump grinding does not completely eliminate the root system of a tree, and we do not recommend you attempt to plant a new tree in the exact same spot where the stump was. The mulch filling the hole breaks down and consumes any available nitrogen the new tree may need. The mulch is also much dryer than traditional soil, so you will have better luck with planting and growing a healthy tree in a new location. At TreePro Professional Tree Care, we are happy to advise about the best alternative locations and clear away root systems when you plant new trees.

Equipment We Use For Stump Grinding

TreePro has several stump grinders, each can tackle stump removals for different situations. When grinding stumps in backyards, a stump grinder needs to be about 36 inches wide. We have a smaller machine that can get through the gate easily.

When working on rough or steep terrain we have a tracked machine with rubber tracks that is more maneuverable and can handle the challenge. In tighter spaces, we utilize a smaller machine with a single wheel in the front that allows us to get around corners easily.

When possible, we use our tow-behind stump grinder, which is larger and more powerful. As the name implies, the machine is towed behind a pick-up truck, and when access is good, it’s the most efficient way to grind a stump. No matter the size of the stump or the challenges of the site, TreePro has the stump grinder to get the job done efficiently.

Why Stump Removal Is Important

Via stump grinding in Santa Rosa, you can avoid many issues that would otherwise plague your property. For example, when you leave a stump, a tree can regrow in some cases. Live oaks and California bay laurel trees commonly do this, as well as other ornamental trees commonly planted in the Bay Area.

A stump left alone may also rot over time, inviting pests, mold, fungus, and diseases into your yard. This is obviously not ideal and may make your outdoor living space less hospitable, especially if you have multiple stumps that are similarly impacted. Plus, the problems that affect your stumps may also harm the living trees in your yard if not treated with urgency.

Finally, stumps can become eyesores and trip hazards. It’s not easy to plan landscaping and lawnmowing around a stump unless you make plans to turn it into a stool or planter stand. Plus, if you have children, they may trip and fall while playing near a stump.

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