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5 Costly Problems That Come From Dead Tree Stumps

Tree removal doesn’t end when you’ve cut the last branches off and brought the trunk to the ground. While property owners aren’t required to remove the stump at the time, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Removal might require a bit more upfront investment, but it can pay off big time by preventing some of these costly problems.

1. Attracting Wood Pests

Perhaps the single biggest threat posed by decaying stumps is the tendency to attract termites and other wood-boring or wood-eating pests. The dead and rotting wood brings them to the property, which then greatly increases the odds that they will migrate to the wood inside local structures. This can become a massive problem that can be very expensive and time-consuming to resolve.

2. Disease and Infestation

Leaving stumps on the property can also encourage the growth or infestation of other kinds of unwanted creatures. Diseases and fungal infestations can take root in a decaying stump before spreading to other trees and plants in the area. This kind of problem can get out of hand quickly and is often difficult to address.

3. Damage to Lawn Equipment

Even small stumps or remnants of old ones can pose a real threat to lawn equipment. At the very least, it adds an unnecessary obstacle to the weekly task of keeping the grass growth in check. At worst, it can mean replacing blades or servicing mowers and other equipment after striking the stump in a bad way.

4. Future Landscaping Faults

As bugs, fungi, and the weather erode the rotting wood, the stump eventually gives way and leaves an open space. This space is often concealed by a thin layer of dirt or grass, but it will still be a noticeable fault in the landscaping. Even if they aren’t in a traveled area, open holes make appealing homes for creatures you might not want that close to your house.

5. Personal Safety Hazard

These empty spaces in the yard aren’t just a problem for the property’s aesthetics, they can pose a serious safety risk as well. Even if you don’t have pets or children who might turn an ankle, it’s a good idea to keep the holes filled in just in case. It doesn’t take much to create a fatal tripping hazard.

Get Professional Stump Solutions

Rather than take a chance with the costly risks of leaving a stump rotting in your yard, you should contact a professional contractor to talk about your options. Local home and business owners in Santa Rosa, CA can rely on TreePro Professional Tree Care for exceptional stump grinding and other essential tree services, so contact us today to get started.