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Tree Trimming & Pruning in Santa Rosa, CA

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Why Choose TreePro For Your Trimming & Pruning Needs

TreePro Professional Tree Care is a tree service company with certified arborists on staff who care deeply about providing the best possible service for our customers. There is no better feeling than making the best recommendations for tree trimming and pruning in Santa Rosa and beyond, and then seeing the results.

Tree trimming and pruning are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. Though they do refer to different processes, they are functionally very similar. Both remove branches and foliage with the aim of improving tree growth, appearance, or safety. Our team’s experts understand pruning best practices for common trees in Northern California and have been honing their skills since our conception as a business in 1990.

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ANSI Standards For Tree Pruning

The Tree Care Industry Association has awarded TreePro for “Excellence in Arboriculture” for tree pruning. This is just one example of recognition for the high standards we maintain at TreePro, not just for pruning and trimming, but for all of our services.

The Tree Care Industry Association and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have set special guidelines. These guidelines are known as the ANSI A-300 Standards for Tree Pruning. These standards were developed to provide guidance on types of pruning and how best to prune trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists follow these pruning special guidelines to maintain a high quality of work. Our team indicates which type of pruning will be performed and the size of the pruning cuts to be made.

Types of Tree Pruning

There are two different classes of pruning, as defined by ANSI. The first is hazard-reduction pruning. This method aims to remove branches or limbs which present a danger to surrounding people or property. This may be an emergency service, depending on the severity of the issue.

The second class of tree pruning is maintenance pruning. This is ongoing maintenance that improves the structure and growth of the trees on your property. Maintenance pruning may include some hazard reduction and is recommended on a regular basis to keep up the condition of your trees.

Without regular pruning in Santa Rosa, your property may be more susceptible to storm or fire damage. You may also encounter insect infestations, diseases, or other conditions that spread between trees. Pruning can help stop these maladies in their tracks.

The following are all different types of pruning and trimming recognized by ANSI.

Crown Raising

Crown raising is the process of removing the lower branches of a tree. It may be done to provide a clearer view or clearance for pedestrians or cars. However, this form of trimming is not recommended for young trees, as it may stunt the growth of the trunk. Crown raising is performed both for aesthetic reasons and to remove potential hazards.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning reduces the density of branches in the crown or uppermost part of the tree. This is a common type of tree pruning in Santa Rosa and the surrounding communities, as it provides more airflow and encourages healthy growth of the tree. A technique called wind-sailing can leave more room for wind to flow through the branches, so they are less likely to be impacted by heavy winds. Finally, crown thinning reduces the weight of the top of the tree. This procedure should be performed by an expert, as it is easy to reduce foliage too much; any more than 25% of green foliage may harm the tree.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning removes dead, dying, or diseased branches. Any branches that pose a risk to the rest of the tree should be removed to encourage the tree’s overall health. This could also include the trimming of weakly attached branches and thinning of water sprouts, which are shoots on the trunk and branches that can sap your tree’s nutrients and energy.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction limits the height or spread of a tree. This allows you to shape the tree to the appropriate size from a young age, and in fact, we recommend beginning this trimming service in Santa Rosa early on. It is possible to shape trees more effectively when they are younger, and they can grow back quickly from over-pruning. Older trees may be unruly or difficult to control if they have never been pruned before.

Crown Restoration

Sometimes trees are damaged. Whether it’s by storms, vandalism, or pruning gone wrong, crown restoration will improve the appearance of your tree and bring it back to a natural appearance. This involves both shaping the crown of the tree and establishing new scaffold or structural branches.

Young Tree Pruning

Pruning of young trees is an important and cost-effective way to improve the health and structure of all trees. Keeping low branches on all young trees is important for developing trunk caliper and better trunk strength. It is also important to develop a central leader in the tree and remove weakly attached or competing leaders. This reduces the likelihood of branch failures as the tree matures. Finally, establishing proper limb spacing and limb location ensures a more structurally sound tree.

It is a general rule never to prune more than 25% of green foliage in one pruning season, particularly for young or unhealthy trees. Over-pruning can lead to tree damage or death, which you never want to encounter if you can help it. That’s why it’s important to trust in the experts at TreePro. Our years of hands-on experience, training, and education allow us to approach every job involving tree trimming and pruning in Santa Rosa and beyond with confidence in our techniques.