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Tree Service in Petaluma, CA

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Petaluma’s Favorite Tree Care Professionals

When you need quality, expert tree service in Petaluma, TreePro Professional Tree Care is your go-to. We have served the area since 1990 with a level of dedication and attention to detail that can’t be beaten. We have multiple ISA-certified arborists on staff, who bring their training, experience, and knowledge to the forefront of every project. The BBB has recognized us with an accreditation and an A+ rating, all thanks to our reliable service and high levels of customer satisfaction. We work hard to provide both routine and 24/7 emergency services to our clients throughout Sonoma County, including both residential property owners and commercial property managers.

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Our Tree Services

Every residential and commercial property will require tree service in Petaluma at some point. Trees are such an integral part of landscaping, often the focal point of your yard or commercial property. At TreePro Professional Tree Care, we offer every tree service necessary to keep our customers’ trees in the best condition possible. For more information about the specific needs we fulfill, see the list of services below.

Tree Removals

Tree removals are required only when a tree is no longer salvageable. We do our best to avoid this situation, but sometimes it is inevitable, especially if a tree is too close to an existing structure, has been damaged by a storm, or has a defect that has spread to the majority of the tree.

Tree removals require informed and involved safety protocols to ensure that both the people and property nearby are protected. At TreePro, we pride ourselves on maintaining our safety knowledge and training. We are a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional with the Tree Care Industry Association, so we approach each tree removal job with care and knowledgeable techniques. We use the proper equipment to remove your tree and recycle what we can into woodchips and firewood.

Stump Grinding

Did you know that tree removals do not remove the entire tree? The stump and the root system remain, even after the tree is felled. Stump removal is a separate process that requires additional tools and equipment, like a stump grinder. When you work with a qualified tree service in Petaluma, like TreePro, we will usually recommend stump grinding in addition to tree removal, so we plan to clear your yard of any evidence of the former tree in one go.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

In our opinion, tree pruning and trimming are some of the most important services we offer. Pruning is a form of cutting which positively impacts a tree’s health and growth. Certain types of pruning and trimming are done to reduce hazards, like low-lying branches on established trees, which may block clearance for pedestrians or drivers. Others are intended to manage and improve the long-term health outcomes for the trees on your property. Tree trimming can even restore trees that have seen damage from storms or improper pruning.

Be careful when you hire a tree service in Petaluma and do your research. Make sure you work with someone who is a pruning expert and certified arborist, like the team at TreePro Professional Tree Care. Pruning may also seem like a simple enough DIY project, but in reality, it is easy to harm your trees, even if that wasn’t your intention. Trimming more than 25% of green foliage during any pruning season can be disastrous, especially for young trees, and it is easier than you may believe to over-prune.

Arborist Services

Certified arborists are dedicated tree care professionals with at least 3 years of in-the-field experience (or comparable combinations of education and experience) who pass a difficult examination administered by the International Society of Arborists. At TreePro, we have two arborists on staff who are ready to provide their expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas of arboriculture. Our arborists work with residents and businesses in Petaluma to create long-term plans for the maintenance and care of trees. We look at your property holistically, analyzing everything from the soil and growing conditions to the future hazards your tree may pose.

Tree Consultations

Consultations are a tree service offered in Petaluma for those who wish to create a plan around tree maintenance, pest management, fertilization, or soil management. Our team is happy to lend our expertise in tree biology and diagnosis. We aim to maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers, and tree consultations are a great way to dive into the partnership, especially for complex commercial properties like malls or apartment complexes.

Fire Protection

When a fire threatens your property, you want to be prepared. Many homes in Petaluma are in a high fire hazard zone, and 95% of properties in our city are at risk for some damage from wildfires. It’s impossible to take a last-minute planning approach to wildfires, which is why proactive fire protection is so important. We offer services like defensible space creation, brush clearing, and weed removal to get your Petaluma property on track. Our goal is to reduce the fuel, especially close to your house, that may put you at higher risk for fire damage.

Cabling & Bracing

When a tree has a weak structure, cabling and bracing are both options to protect it from the elements and natural wear. This is one method of hazard reduction that does not require pruning or tree removal.

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The Specifics of Petaluma Trees

Petaluma has several lovely trees recommended for planting, including California live oaks, red maples, western redbuds, sweet bay trees, and many more. The city of Petaluma has some restrictions on planting, especially for trees adjacent to city streets or sidewalks. Still, these standards are also useful to remember for your own property. Low-water use trees or water-efficient trees are best in our dry climate in the North Bay, to reduce your reliance on water during times of drought. This will also make the care of your trees easier for you.

Petaluma has certain restrictions on tree removal for native species and heritage trees, so it is always important to work with a certified arborist to obtain the correct permits when developing property or getting rid of trees. Our fine city has a number of heritage trees which are predominantly different varieties of oak, including California live oaks, valley oaks, and black oaks. There are also a few giant sycamores on the list.

TreePro Professional Tree Care has been working with local officials on tree removal and care for decades, so we know how to best navigate tree care in Petaluma. Call us today at (707) 285-9330 to set up a free estimate and receive personalized, local service!