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Tree Service in Rohnert Park, CA

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Expert Tree Care in Rohnert Park

Both residential and commercial customers in Rohnert Park rave about the tree services provided by TreePro Professional Tree Care. We do our due diligence, both when it comes to safety and our understanding of tree biology. We have ISA-certified arborists on the staff, plus maintain a number of other certifications, including Tree Care Industry Association Accreditation and a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification from the ISA. This all means that we are dedicated to our customers and put a deep emphasis on continued education and training for our team.

Trust that your trees are in good hands when you hire TreePro Professional Tree Care for tree service in Rohnert Park, CA. Call us now at (707) 285-9330 to receive a free estimate for your desired service!

Caring For Our Local Trees

Rohnert Park is a relatively new city, with its initial incorporation occurring in the 1960s. This means that our trees are young, on average, and need care that encourages their growth. This is why it’s so important to hire specialized tree services in Rohnert Park. The qualified professionals at TreePro will understand how to handle the local species and provide care plans appropriate for the age of the trees in question.

Rohnert Park has five creeks running through it, most notably the Laguna de Santa Rosa, which creates conditions for trees like willows and alders to grow. In other locations around town, redwoods, sycamores, liquidambars, Bradford pears, and other trees, both ornamental and native, dominate.

Unfortunately, oaks in Rohnert Park are susceptible to sudden oak death fungus. Sonoma County has been hit hard by this disease, which is evidenced by cankers on the trunk and dying foliage. If you believe your trees are encountering this disease (or other health conditions), contact us now at (707) 285-9330 so we can put a plan into place for tree health management.

How Important Is Tree Removal?

When a tree becomes a hazard or has a defect, tree removal is crucial to your well-being and the continued safety of your property. Sometimes these problems can be mitigated or even solved through careful pruning and other forms of tree care. But if a tree shows any of the following signs, it may be necessary to remove it:
Contact us today if you are concerned that a tree on your property needs to be removed. We will first evaluate the tree, then if we determine that it does indeed need to be removed, we will help you get the proper permits and develop a plan to safely fell the tree.

When To Prune or Trim Trees

The best time to get tree trimming or pruning in Rohnert Park and the surrounding areas is typically during the dormant season. If your trees are pruned during the summer, they may be more susceptible to insect infestations. Cutting back trees during their prime growing season can be more difficult and detrimental. However, this does differ from tree to tree. For example, fruit trees require different pruning approaches and methods than standard shade trees. It’s important to consult with a certified arborist and tree expert when planning a course of action for pruning or trimming your trees.

How To Get An Arborist Report

Arborists are trained experts in all things tree care in Rohnert Park and beyond. We have multiple ISA-certified arborists on our management team who are qualified to put together arborist reports. These reports are the culmination of an examination of the trees on your property and have multiple uses, including the following:
In addition to the technical arborist report, our experts can provide you with a tree management plan, an optimal tree service in Rohnert Park for those who wish to keep up with ongoing care for their trees. This plan will allow us to provide the best care possible for your trees, including pruning, ongoing pest control and soil management, removals when necessary, and more.

The Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, unlike old-fashioned stump removal methods, leaves your yard in good condition once the service is complete. Full stump removal often involves excavation, which can disrupt landscaping and leave large holes in your yard that require filling. Some companies will also use chemicals for stump removal, which can be bad for the environment.

Stump grinding is a more sustainable, less invasive method. At TreePro, we recommend stump grinding, either at the end of a tree removal service or as a one-off tree service in Rohnert Park, CA.

Why Fire Protection & Defensible Space Are Important

The vast majority of properties in Rohnert Park are in zones with high wildfire risk. This is why it’s critical to maintain at least 100 feet of defensible space around your home. Fire protection reduces the level of fuel around your property by clearing brush, removing dead or dying branches, applying weed abatement techniques, and more. At TreePro, we have decades of experience working in a region that regularly experiences wildfires, so we know the best techniques to protect our customers.

Tree Consultations

When you contact TreePro for a tree consultation, there are a number of different recommendations we can provide you with:

An ISA-certified arborist will provide recommendations that bring new life and vigor to your trees, whether they’re in decent condition already or struggling in their current environment.

When To Call For Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service in Rohnert Park is usually most important when a safety hazard becomes undeniable. Hazards may include branches or limbs in danger of falling onto homes, buildings, sidewalks, roads, or other areas where property or people may be at risk. Trees that have partially fallen, are leaning, or show signs of structural instability or damage may require emergency removal. Call us at (707) 285-9330 24/7 for immediate assistance!

Commercial Tree Services

We have spent the last 30-plus years working with commercial property managers throughout Sonoma County, including right here in Rohnert Park. Our expertise runs the gamut from shopping centers to golf courses and everything in between. We take on each commercial customer with pride and treat your business individually, with a personalized approach. We begin our service with a tree maintenance plan specifically designed for your property, based on an initial assessment. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.