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Tree Service in Sebastopol, CA

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The Best Sebastopol Has To Offer

TreePro Professional Tree Care is the premier provider of essential tree services in Sebastopol, CA. Whether you’ve taken a leisurely walk through the Sebastopol Farmers Market or enjoyed an outdoor event at Ragle Ranch Park, you understand the important role that trees play in our vibrant community. Trees are more than just pretty scenery. Their canopies offer shade and improve air quality, and their root systems stabilize the soil. Both residential and commercial properties around Sebastopol rely on trees for beautiful landscaping and a more stable local ecosystem.

At TreePro, we do our best to support, maintain, and improve the trees in our local Sebastopol community, so they can continue providing benefits for years to come. Our ISA-certified arborists are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the field of tree care, which is why so many customers come back to us again and again.

We are here both for routine tree services in Sebastopol and for emergency situations. When a tree is damaged in a storm or shows evidence of a disease, contact us at (707) 285-9330, and we will get on the case immediately!

Why Choose Us For Tree Pruning & Trimming

In Sebastopol, CA, tree pruning is a nuanced art that requires expert attention. From managing the intricate canopies of native Madrone trees to conducting thinning cuts for optimal light in Redwood trees, TreePro Professional Tree Care is your go-to tree service in Sebastopol for pruning and trimming.

Our professional pruning techniques are vital for the overall well-being of your trees, particularly considering Sebastopol’s variable weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from right around freezing at night during the winter up to the 90s during the summer.

Many tree service companies do not provide oversight from an ISA-certified arborist. This can become problematic, as pruning jobs may go awry or an overzealous professional new to pruning could remove more than is necessary. All of our pruning services are overseen by a qualified arborist, and we have over 30 years of experience in the field handling native or common trees in Sebastopol.

Tree Removal For Your Safety

There are a host of safety concerns that arise when caring for trees. Some are obvious, like falling branches or a tree that leans over a house or road. But sometimes, trees are hit with a disease like Sudden Oak Death, which is caused by a fungus that spreads quickly and impacts both oaks and other species of tree. Coast Live Oaks are particularly impacted by this disease, which is unfortunate because they are one of the most prevalent native trees in Sonoma County. We do our best to perform tree removals in Sebastopol safely and efficiently, so you can rest assured that no person, property, or other tree will be harmed in the process.

Improving Your Yard With Stump Grinding

Are you ready to get rid of that stump that has become an eyesore? Perhaps you worked with another tree service in Sebastopol that did not remove the stump immediately. Maybe you thought you would turn the stump into part of your outdoor living space, recycling it as a stool or table base, but decided against it. In any case, at TreePro Professional Tree Care, we recommend stump grinding in most situations. One of the only exceptions is if you must plant a new tree in the same location as the old stump, in which case we would recommend a more invasive stump removal.

Cabling & Bracing For Stability

Structure variations of trees in Sebastopol can sometimes affect the stability of our beautiful local trees like the Coast Redwood and Coast Live Oak. That’s where cabling and bracing come in. By providing expert cabling and bracing services in Sebastopol, CA, TreePro helps to reinforce vulnerable trees, maintaining both their aesthetic beauty and reducing hazards.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service And Removal

Damaged trees can pose immediate threats, and that’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency tree service in Sebastopol, CA. Whether it’s a Coast Live Oak damaged by high winds or a large Eucalyptus tree failure, we’re just a call away to manage any tree emergency.

Keeping Your Home Safe With Fire Protection

With the growing risks of wildfires in our region, TreePro’s fire protection and defensible space services are not just an added benefit but a necessity. We are experts in clearing flammable vegetation and creating protective zones around your property, essential for both your safety and compliance with local fire codes. The fire risk in Sebastopol is moderate relative to the areas in Sonoma County that are further east, but we are still very much at risk, and it is important to be proactive by creating defensible space around your home.

Tree Consultations From Certified Arborists

An ISA-certified arborist is a professional who invests time and again into their own education and training as a tree expert. We have multiple arborists on our management team who can provide tree consultation services, such as the following:

Why Choose Us For Tree Pruning & Trimming

We are happy to create a plan for tree management with you for the trees throughout your property, so you can ensure a long-lasting, healthy lifespan and improved growth for each of them.

Solutions For Sebastopol Businesses

At TreePro, we care about our fellow businesses. Our regular work with property managers throughout Sonoma County shows us to be one of the most reliable, experienced options for commercial tree service in Sebastopol. We’ve been serving the area since 1990 and haven’t missed a beat. In fact, we like to think we’ve gotten savvier as we’ve developed as a business and have deepened our knowledge of tree care practices. When you want the best for your commercial property, contact TreePro Professional Tree Care.

Sebastopol’s Local Treescape

At TreePro, we understand the unique shape of Sonoma County’s tree ecosystem. We have everything from Coast Live Oaks to Redwoods and Giant Sequoia. Sebastopol also has a number of trees approved for use near streets and public areas, including Madrones, Liquidambar, Chinese Elm, and Ash trees.

Sometimes localized risks to the trees plague the area, like the bark beetle. The bark beetle began as a threat to Napa trees and has crossed over into Sonoma. This particular pest preys on trees that have been weakened by drought stress and wildfires. It mostly targets conifers but can impact oaks as well. Expert tree professionals like the team at TreePro Professional Tree Care in Sebastopol bring training and informed decision-making to pest management and control crises like this one.

Whether you’re looking to educate yourself or are in urgent need of tree services, we’re here to serve the Sebastopol community. Experience the peace of mind that comes from trusting TreePro for all your tree care needs. Call us at (707) 285-9330 to receive a free estimate and schedule an appointment today!