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Why Are the Tops of My Birch Tree Dying?

Bronze Birch Borer - TreePro Sonoma

Summer in Sonoma County is the time of year when you may see yellowing leaves or dead branches, usually at the top of the tree. The most common reason for this dieback is an infestation of Bronze Birch Borers. These boring insects affect Birch trees that are drought stressed. White barked Birch trees grow naturally […]

How to Tell If Your Tree Has Mediterranean Oak Beetles

Mediterranean Oak Beetle exit holes - TreePro Sonoma

The Mediterranean Oak Beetle or MOB is responsible for the deaths of several Valley Oak trees recently in the western area of Santa Rosa. While most oak trees killed by the beetles that we are aware of are Valley Oaks or Blue Oaks, the beetles can infest eight species of native oak trees according to […]

Is Mistletoe Harmful to Trees?

Mistletoe Parasite - TreePro Sonoma Certified Arborists

Mistletoe is a parasite that lives by feeding off the host tree. It robs the host tree of water and nutrients. If not controlled early, it can spread quickly throughout the tree. Mistletoe reduces tree vigor and if left unchecked it can kill the host tree. Mistletoe is most harmful to maple trees, poplar trees, […]

Mushrooms Near Your Trees May Signal Trouble

Tree Failures - TreePro Sonoma

The rainy season is the best time for wild mushroom foraging. Following a rain storm the mushrooms sprout in the wild. It’s also a good time to inspect the ground near the trunks of trees to identify mushrooms or fruiting bodies that may be an indication of potentially harmful fungi. A common mushroom that is […]

Proper Pruning Promotes Healthy Trees

Early Pruning Promotes Healthy Trees - TreePro Sonoma - Tree Care Service Santa Rosa

Developing healthy trees with good structure should begin soon after a young tree is planted. Like children, trees need good training to develop to their full potential. In fact, proper tree structure should be developed as a tree is growing in the nursery. Unfortunately, many nursery grown trees have been pruned to fit a misconceived […]

Create Defensible Space for Fire Crews

Tree Care Service - TreePro Sonoma - Defensible Space for Fire Crews

Create Defensible Space for Fire Crews In the event of a wildfire in Sonoma County you’ll want your home defended by Fire Crews. The best way to ensure your home is protected is to provide the Firefighters with a safe access road and a property that is defensible. Maintaining clearance that is high enough and […]

Tips for dealing with Raccoons in your home garden

Raccoons in your yard

Tips for Dealing With Raccoons in Your Home Garden The best offense when dealing with raccoons is a good defense. Don’t leave outdoor pet food that is an easy meal for raccoons. Make sure you don’t offer them a safe haven under your deck or shed. Seal up entry areas before they decide to move […]

Five Common Tree Failures After Fire Damage

Tree Services Santa Rosa

When fire burns trees it can damage the structure of the tree and create a hazard. The following are five ways that cause tree failure after a fire. Trunk failure from weakly attached multiple trunks. Trees with “V” shaped co-dominant or multiple trunks are inherently more likely to fail than trees with a single trunk […]

Five Things To Know If A Tree Falls On Your Home or Property

Tree care Services and Safety - Santa Rosa

Fallen trees are unstable and hazardous. When a tree falls there are heavy limbs and trunks under tension. Trying to move or cut the branches can cause the tree to shift and cause further damage or injury. Calling a reputable tree service with Accreditation from the Tree Care Industry is your best assurance of removing […]

Tree Failures Caused by Heavy Rains in Sonoma County

Tree Failure - fire Safety - Tree Care Services Santa Rosa

On Saturday February 8th TreePro Professional Tree Care was contacted to help one of our clients in Bodega Bay who had experienced a major limb failure that landed on their garage. After a Pre-Job Safety Inspection we went to work to remove the limb so we could cover the garage with a tarp to protect […]