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Stump grinder

3 Facts About Stump Grinding Equipment

If there are tree stumps left after a removal, you don’t have to leave them in a client’s yard. While explosives can get rid of many stumps, there’s often an unsightly portion of it left behind. Fortunately, stump grinding can completely level it. Here are a few of the most important facts to know about using grinding equipment to get rid of stumps.

1. It Doesn’t Always Stop the Stump from Growing Back

In many cases, stump grinding has to be performed regularly. That’s because the roots are still attached to the ground, and the tree can still sprout new branches and leaves. However, it’s possible to prevent regrowth by regularly having the stump ground down and trimming leaves that sprout from it.

The type of stump grinder that you use can play a role in whether or not it will grow back. Some grinders make it possible to remove the lowest levels of the stump, which can make it less likely to grow back.

2. Stump Grinding Can Be Performed With a Chainsaw

This technique works best on smaller stumps as it can take a lot of time to grind larger ones with a chainsaw. To grind a stump with a chainsaw, simply move the blade along the top of the stump laterally with the starter side facing up. This will make the stump as short as possible. Do not cut all the way down to the ground as doing this could damage the blade.

Then, make vertical crosscuts on the stump about half an inch apart. You can repeat this process to grind the stump down as far as possible. As time goes on, water will erode the remaining portion.

3. Large Stump Grinders Can Get Rid of a Stump Quickly

If you use a large stump grinding tool, you can get rid of it far more quickly than you could with a chainsaw. Not only is this because of the larger blade size, but the blades of these machines have larger teeth as well. This can greatly decrease the amount of time that the job takes.

Furthermore, it’s possible to start at the edge of the stump and work your way across. You do not have to make multiple levels of lateral cross-cuts on the top.

We Can Get Rid of Stumps in Your Yard

If you have stumps in your yard that you need to get rid of, we’ll be able to use professional stump grinding equipment to remove them right away. Get in touch with TreePro Professional Tree Care in Santa Rosa, CA for fast and affordable stump grinding services today!