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Tree Removal Can Be Dangerous From the Ground Up

Whether your property is new to you and you’re just assessing it or you’ve lived there many years, if you’ve noticed that an old tree has suffered damage from winds or weather, you need a professional to help take it out. A failing tree can drop extremely heavy branches on your property. A damaged tree can split during the next bout of bad weather and come down on your home, fence, garage, or car. Hire professional assistance to remove it immediately.

Small Branches, Big Problems

If you have an older tree on your property that’s been dropping branches for a while, you’re facing several hazards. Your lawn mower may pick up these twigs and launch them across the yard. They’re also a tripping hazard and an ankle turning hazard to anyone trying to cross your property.

A tree professional who needs to take out a diseased or damaged tree will always plan a route to get away from such hazards. While tree professionals often work from the outside in to take weight off bigger branches, they never leave smaller branches in their path unless they’re working from a bucket. If you plan to try to trim your own trees, make sure you clean up fallen branches before you tackle the next cut.

Location Concerns

A tree that was planted too close to a sidewalk or a driveway may develop a slant or lean. Even if you can’t see it, there’s a great deal of stress on the remaining roots and the tree tissue itself. Tree roots spread deep and wide, but if a tree is starting to lean, the roots opposite the leaning direction are under distress.

Bringing in a professional can protect your household and perhaps you neighbors from branch loss, root death, and the eventual collapse of the tree. It must be said that trees are quite tough. However, a tree that is under stress may be dying inside. An observer may not be aware of the risks until a strong wind finally overcomes the tree and all that weight comes down on your property.

Rot, Fungus, and Pests

An old tree loaded with fungus will soon suffer loss of healthy tissue within the tree. These cavities will eventually be filled with insects and rodents looking for a home. If you’re out in your yard during the cooler months, you may not notice any stinging insects. However, once it warms up, your yard may become hazardous.

Your Santa Rosa, CA home needs the help of TreePro Professional Tree Care for safe tree removal, so give us a call. Whether a tree is dying, invasive, or just no longer of benefit to you, your household will be safer with the help of our professionals.