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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Schedule Tree Services Before Spring

There are plenty of good reasons for commercial property owners to carefully consider their tree service needs before the onset of the spring season. These considerations span many different facets of responsible business management, including ensuring safety and overall aesthetic appeal. Preventative and proactive solutions are almost always preferred to cleaning up the mess after an accident happens.

1. Ensure Personal Safety

The single most important reason to seek commercial tree services is to keep customers and employees safe on your property. While the chances of getting hit by a falling tree trunk or branch are usually very low, the heavy winds and rain in spring make it a likely scenario for just such an accident. Dead trees or dying branches need to come down one way or another, so it’s better to do it in a controlled manner with professionals on hand.

2. Eliminate Potential Liability

Trees can become a significant liability in terms of potential personal injury and property damage. If a customer or employee is injured due to poor maintenance practices or negligence on the part of the property owner, it can leave the business open to a damaging lawsuit. Falling branches and toppling trees can also easily crush cars, damage utility infrastructure, or even destroy parts of the company’s building.

3. Improve Landscape Aesthetic

When it comes to attracting customers and building a good brand image, looks definitely do matter. It doesn’t make much sense to invest thousands of dollars into your landscape if you don’t take care of the trees, too. Since your trees are a prominent and defining characteristic, they deserve annual attention from professional contractors.

4. Maximize New Growth

The months leading up to spring are ideal for trimming, pruning, and other essential tree services for your property. It’s especially important to capitalize on this opportunity for new transplants and fast-growing trees that have a lot to gain — or lose — from the upcoming growth cycle. Professional pruning practices done at the right time can make a huge difference in the potential for growth as well as ensure only desirable and healthy branches are consuming vital resources.

5. Manage Pests and Diseases

Leaving unhealthy growth, dying trees, or stumps in the ground can have serious consequences for the entire property. They become magnets for contagious diseases and wood-destroying insects that can cause extensive damage. It’s much more affordable and less stressful to prevent infestation than try to eradicate one.

Professional Services for Spring Preparation

Businesses need to care about their trees if they want to ensure safety, reduce liability, and get the most out of their landscaping budget. TreePro Professional Tree Care offers a full range of commercial services for our clients in Santa Rosa, CA, so give us a call whether you need trimming, pruning, or complete trunk removal.